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These talks below are updated regularly (and typically are in chronological order from the top down). Use the media player below each title to play (where installed); or left click on the link to listen. You can right click and save the file to your computer for listening later – just remember where you saved it.

Tuesday’s Gone: (2 of 7 in Lenten series, “A Sunday Kind of Love”) - From March 1, 2015

Monday, Monday: (1 of 7 in Lenten series, “A Sunday Kind of Love”- From February 22, 2015

The Last, Last Word – 2 Corinthians 3 - From February 15, 2015

The Last Word – John 1 - From February 8, 2015

 “Dem Bones” (Remembering Auschwitz) – Ezekiel 37 – From February 1, 2015


Below is a YouTube link to “A Simple Faith’s” Sunday morning gathering. In addition to Ronnie’s talks, you’ll get a full dose of Sean Dietrich and “The Sea Biscuits.” It is updated weekly. Enjoy!


  A Simple Faith YouTube Channel