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About Ronnie McBrayer

Scientists say that the beautiful, sugar-white beaches of the Florida Panhandle are the result of erosion from the Appalachian Mountains. A sand dune that we enjoy today, as we are told, was once a mountain top in Georgia, but over time that mountain washed all the way down to the sea. There’s no better description for writer, Ronnie McBrayer.

Before making his home near the beautiful beaches of Walton County, Florida more than a decade ago, Ronnie was a life-long Georgian, born and raised in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains. Today, having washed down to the sea, he is the author of multiple books and publications, a gifted musician, a local pastor, and a nationally read columnist.

Ronnie maintains a contagious faith, a cheerful schoolboy wit, and an applauded storytelling style that invites his readers and listeners to discover new ways to experience personal freedom and grace. With his wife Cindy – a talented artist in her own right – and his three sons, Ronnie might be a long way from home, but he is never far from his roots.